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Welcome to Aero on 24th: Your Ultimate Off-Campus Student Living Hub

Embark on an adventure through Gainesville’s vibrant scene with Aero on 24th as your guide. Whether you’re a local seeking to shake up your routine or a newcomer eager to immerse yourself in the essence of this vibrant college town, get ready nearby hotspots and essential experiences.

Student Hangouts:

  • The Study Spot: Nestled just a stone’s throw from Aero on 24th, The Study Spot offers a cozy ambiance and refreshing beverages, perfect for unwinding with your study buddies.
  • Campus Pub: Get in on the action at Campus Pub, where you can catch the latest games, indulge in appetizers, and mingle with fellow students.

Fuel Up & Feast:

  • Student Bites: Satisfy your cravings with Student Bites’ with great dishes, ranging from hearty bites to flavorful delicacies.
  • Dorm Room Delights: Treat yourself to a pizza party at Dorm Room Delights, a local favorite renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and mouthwatering pies.

Campus Life & Beyond:

  • Green Spaces: Seek solace in the nearby parks, perfect for picnics.
  • Local Hangs: Explore nearby spots teeming with beautiful landscapes and serene vistas, offering ideal settings for leisurely strolls and photo-worthy opportunities.

Shopping & Student Essentials:

  • Campus Corner Mart: Stock up on student essentials and snacks at Campus Corner Mart, your go-to spot for all your campus needs, from textbooks to late-night munchies.

What’s Poppin’ Events:

  • Student Mixer: Join the fun at the Student Mixer, where you can forge new connections, discover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in Gainesville’s vibrant student community.

Study Break Must-Sees:

  • Local Lake: Take a breather at Lake Arrowhead, a tranquil oasis perfect for unwinding with friends amidst breathtaking scenery and serene surroundings.
  • Plan Your Semester: Ready to dive into Gainesville’s student scene? Let Aero on 24th serve as your compass, guiding you to the best hangouts, culinary delights, and of course fit all your off-campus housing needs.
  • Stay Connected: Found a hidden gem or must-try spot? Share your discoveries with us on social. Connect with @aeroon24th and tag us in your Gainesville student adventures.

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